Projects Page

After creating an account in NTT and logging in, you will be directed to the Projects page. Projects page displays all the projects that the user has previously created/saved. On this page, users can open saved projects, create a new project, upload a project stored on their local machine or upload an example project.


Create a New Project

Click the Create New Project button to create a new project. You will be asked to provide a project name and a project description (optional).

After you have entered the information, click the Save button to save the information and continue.

Create New Project

Upload Project

Users may use the Upload Project button to retrieve a previously saved NTT project file stored on their local machine.

Click Upload Project, then select Choose File and navigate to the saved file on your computer. After you have selected the project, click the Upload Project button to upload the project and continue.

Open Saved Project

Upload Example

Users may choose to use an example project by clicking on the Upload Example button.

First, select an example from the Please select drop down menu. After you have selected an example, click the Upload Example button to upload the example and continue.

Open Example Project

Open Saved Project

To open a saved project, simply click on the project name to open the project and begin editing.

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