Fields Page

The Fields page displays the AOIs/fields that you have defined for your project. From the Fields page, you can begin entering scenario and management information for each field. You may also delete fields/AOIs from your project on this page.

If you selected Mapping System, the fields that you drew or uploaded will already be on the Fields page.
The Fields page simply lets users view and verify the field(s). Clicking on a field name allow users to proceed to the field-level(Soils, Management Scenarios) pages for each field.

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Deleting a Field

To delete field(s), simply click the icon in the Actions column.

Define Field Management

To begin defining management scenarios for your field, click on the hyperlinked field name. You will advance to the field-level Soils page for your field where you will begin defining field characteristics and management scenarios. The Soils page is also where you will be able to change the field/AOI name as well as revise the field/AOI area. (See Soils page for more information.)

Add Fields/AOIs

To add more fields or AOIs to your project you must navigate back to the Location page using the left-hand menu. From the Location page you can draw and submit additional AOIs which will then appear on the Fields page.

Changing Field Name and Area

The field name and area can be changed on the Soils page. Simply click on the hyperlinked field name which will take you to the field-level Soils page. At the top of the page you may change the field name and modify the field area if you desire. (See Soils page for more information.)

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